Terms of use

The purchase of a digital image (or print) does not in itself carry with it the right to make a reproduction in any form. Copyright in all images provided by the Museum remains the property of the Ashmolean.

If an image is required for publication or reproduction (in any format) a licence for any use must be obtained, whether or not you are in possession of the image; Various licence options are available on our site, but if you would like to discuss any usages not listed here, or to arrange a bespoke usage fee, please contact us directly by emailing picture.library@ashmus.ox.ac.uk or by calling +44 (0) 1865 278040.

Permission to reproduce images is dependent on full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions found below, and is automatically abrogated if any part is infringed.

      1. The acknowledgement ‘Image © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford’ will appear in the caption/credit line for each reproduction.
      2. No reproduction will be used for commercial advertising without specific permission and each will appear without significant overprinting or any other impairment of its integrity as a work of art. Where only a part of a work is reproduced with the specific permission of the Picture Library, the word ‘detail’ will be included in the caption.
      3. Images reproduced online should only be downloadable at a maximum size of 1000 pixels on the longest side in order to protect the Museum's IP. Images reproduced in hard copy publications should be reproduced at the desired size at 300dpi minimum from a sufficiently large file to ensure the highest quality reproductions.
      4. Images which have not been supplied by the Ashmolean should be sent to the Picture Library for quality checking before authorisation to reproduce them is granted. Please send the full-size image(s) to be assessed to picture.library@ashmus.ox.ac.uk so we can advise on the licence terms applicable in each case.
      5. The Picture Library reserves right of refusal to grant permission to reproduce images of objects from the Ashmolean's collections which are not of sufficient quality for the purpose(s) requested by the applicant.
      6. All rights granted are non-exclusive and a new application must be made for any new editions, reprints or further use of images for linked purposes (50% discount on standard fees will apply), unless specific rights in perpetuity have been granted (in exceptional circumstances.)
      7. No other person or organisation will be permitted to use the images supplied by the Ashmolean other than for the purpose(s) stated on the original reproduction rights application.

Digital media and advertising uses are granted for <6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or in perpetuity. If you wish to discuss alternative time-frames or terms, please contact the Picture Library directly.

If you have purchased a licence which you do not require, we will endeavour to rectify the issue, or you can apply to for a refund for the licence within 30 days of receipt of payment by emailing picture.library@ashmus.ox.ac.uk. Please note, however, that where a high-resolution image was supplied, a £25 (+VAT) fee for its supply will be retained by us - and refunds for images purchased with no licence attached (for private study etc.) cannot be made.

Currencies accepted for purchasing a licence; pound sterling only.

For further information or discussion of specific uses, please contact the Picture Library directly via the contact details listed above.


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